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FREE: A Parents’ Essential Guide to Thriving Kids in a Digital Age

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A Parents’ Essential Guide to Thriving Kids in a Digital Age

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Raising Your Child in a Digital World: Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict

Available- 1st July 2016 (Finch Publishers)

As modern parents we’re raising kids who are experiencing ‘digitalised childhoods’. They often learn to tap, swipe and pinch before they’ve learnt to ride a bike, tie their shoelaces or even grip a pencil. They’re growing up surrounded by a smorgasbord of screens. This is overwhelming and confusing for many parents, as we experienced ‘analogue childhoods’ (we spent countless hours staring at the sky, not at screens).


Not only do we have to wrangle remote controls and tablet devices from our children (and deal with subsequent techno-tantrums and meltdowns), but we’re also worrying about their screen habits and riddled with ‘techno-guilt’. Raising screenagers is hard!

Modern parents face a multitude of digital dilemmas:

// Is my child’s screen time okay?.

// Is all this time with gadgets helpful or harmful?

// How much time should they spend online?

// Is my child’s vision/posture/hearing being affected by all this time they spend with screens?

// Are kids actually learning when they’re online?

We’re bombarded with myths and misinformation about young kids and technology. So our natural instinct is to fret and worry.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Let me take the guesswork and guilt out of parenting young children in the digital world.

In my practical book, that’s packed with simple ideas and essential information for modern parents, I de-bunks the myths. I arm parents with facts, and eradicate their fears when it comes to understanding what young children, aged 0-12 years, really need to thrive online and offline in a digital world.

I draw on my years as a teacher, researcher and mum to translate essential, research-based information so today’s parents can make informed choices about how they can harness technology with their children (and ditch their techno-guilt in return). I show parents that we don’t have to be afraid of technology (because whether we love it or loathe it, it’s here to stay).

I share simple, practical ways that we can use technology, like TV, iPads and video games, with little ones, without having to worry about it derailing their health, wellbeing and development. This book will give you peace-of-mind that your child’s online time is safe and supportive of their developmental needs and will highlight what your child really needs to thrive offline too. And the good news is, it’s not complicated. Modern kids actually need really simple things for healthy development and screens can be part of their world.


Ditch your guilt and confusion for good. Find healthy and helpful ways to use technology with your little one, whilst also minimising any potential pitfalls (without having to unplug the TV or ban the iPad).

 PRICE- $29.99 including postage and handling


 Now more than ever we need this book! This book gives peace of mind, that children can thrive in a digital world and stay connected to themselves and the world around them. Kristy Goodwin delivers the research but more than anything she solidifies the need for play, connected relationships and getting outdoors in nature and that you don’t have to give up one to have the other. She encourages that we can strike a balance and use technology to our advantage while nurturing the spirit of our child. Bravo!

Kerry Spina | Author Kids in Harmony


Kids and tech use is the great unknown for modern parents. Dr Kristy has a great ability to demystify, interpret and cut through the hype.


Hugh Baldwin | Director, Television & Digital ContentNickelodeon Australia

FREE: A Parents’ Essential Guide to Thriving Kids in a Digital Age

Get it Now


A Parents’ Essential Guide to Thriving Kids in a Digital Age

parents essential guide